#NationalStationeryWeek – #WorldStationeryDay

For #WorldstationeryDay I’m going to share what I use every day in my bullet journaling. This post contains non-affiliate links.

I got into bullet journaling with a cheap lined notebook I’d bought an age ago, but when I wanted to move into a “proper” journal I looked on Amazon and bought an Ottergami, mostly because it came with stencils. Although I did like this journal, it didn’t stand up to the use of felt tip pens. I did some research and ended up replacing that with a Perfectly Penned notebook.

This notebook is as every bit as lovely as it looks. The hard fabric cover is vegan friendly and the pages are 120 gsm, meaning there’s no bleed through and very little ghosting from most pens. I’ve even been able to stamp without it going through the page!

It has two ribbons to mark your place, an envelope pocket at the back for storage, and an elastic closure. I have found this too loose, although as I’m filling my journal up, it’s holding better.

I also had an issue with the cover pulling away from the pages. Having spoken to other users, I just seem to have been unfortunate here, but I do need to mention it in the spirit of full disclosure. A liberal application of Copydex sorted the issue, and I am planning on getting another Perfectly Penned in the future.

In my journal I use a Staedtler Triplus Fineliner and Crayola Supertips. My washi tape comes from Poundland and Wish. I have some stencils courtesy of an Oops a Daisy giveaway and have since signed up for their subscription box, and I buy my stickers from a lovely lady called Sam who runs Stick With Me.

I’ve bought a third journal – a Labon hardcover notebook in silver – for tracking my novel writing. I’m not as impressed with this as I was the Perfectly Penned, but it’ll suffice. My original Ottergami is being used as a business journal.

So that’s my collection at the moment! It’s rather small, but I’m sure it’ll grow as the year goes on. 😉

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