Where on Earth Have I Been?

Soooo it’s the first of July and I’ve not posted in an entire month. Oops. Though I’m not supposed to apologise for taking a blogging break, apparently, I still feel the need to. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

June was a very up-and-down month. One thing I’ve not blogged about at all is that my husband is currently in hospital. Six months as of yesterday. He suffered a fairly major stroke and, though now medically okay, is still having rehab after losing motion on his left side. The hospital started the discharge process at the beginning of June, but these things move slower than glaciers, which is massively stressful. I had several bad mental health days because of this.

When H comes home, he’ll have to be downstairs in a hospital bed. This meant I had to do a big tidy and change around of my living room. Obviously this took time and effort, and there were days I’d no effort to do anything once I’d done with housework, not even blog.

I also have to admit to being distracted by other projects. I’ve just launched (well relaunched) my craft business. I applied and somehow got accepted to have a stand at the biggest food and drink festival in Britain. I tried JuNoWriMo and failed miserably, although that isn’t stopping me from attempting CampNaNo.

In the end, I was simply pulled in too many directions and Stars & Sprinkles was the ball that got dropped. I will do better this month – I’ve a new blog series that I’ve already written one post for and I’m going to review more stationery products. I’m also going to do the movie reviews I keep putting off because everyone else reviewed them like six months ago. I might be behind but my views are still valid.

2 thoughts on “Where on Earth Have I Been?

    1. It was utterly terrifying. The first surgery was very touch-and-go, then he was sedated in intensive care for two weeks. I honestly don’t remember much of January.

      BUT! He’ll be home very soon. Things are falling into place and he’ll be discharged once that’s happened. I can’t wait!

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