Trying CBD

CBD is something I’ve seen touted to help mental health, so when I was teamed up with Jemma from Flawsome Jem by In Collaboration, I used the opportunity to give it a try. I bought a packet of gummies which have 10mg of CBD per bear at cost price.

CBD is undergoing a definite rise. This is likely at least in part due to it being derived from hemp. However, CBD will not get you high. Sorry about that. It does have medical potential and there are labs around the world researching what it can be used for. However, none have issued anything definitive as to its applications.

This means that, if you want to know about CBD, you have to rely on the testimony of its users. The problem with this is that not everyone is using it for the same thing, and obvious every person is different. It’s absolutely impossible to evaluate it. I do believe that it can be useful for some people. Maybe I tried the wrong project, or didn’t try the gummies for long enough, but I noticed no obvious improvement in my mood or pain relief.

Would I try them for longer? CBD products are not cheap – the full price of the gummies is £25 – and I’m on benefits. As curious as I am to try something else, finances simply don’t allow it; especially as I’ve no guarantee of positive results. If my situation changed, or research proved how CBD can be used successfully, then obviously I’d reconsider.

If you’re thinking about trying CBD, I would recommend a trial period, as your mileage may vary.

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