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I do love a good blogger tag, so when A Geek Girl’s Guide posted up this movies tag, I immediately copied the questions.

Prefer to Watch Movies At Home or In Theaters?

100% prefer to watch at home. I find cinemas too hot and the seats too small. Then there’s the awkwardness when you need the loo…

First Movie You Saw In Theaters

The earliest I remember was E.T., though I may have seen a Disney film prior to this. I think E.T. stands out in my memory as the men in the hazmat suits scared me silly and I had nightmares about them for like a week.

Favorite Movie Genre

Sci fi, hands down. I’ve seen every Star Trek film, Star Wars, Marvel-verse (not up-to-date, but I’m working on it), Apollo 13, The Martian, etc. I absolutely love a sci fi film.

Least Favorite Movie Genre

Slasher movies. I do like a good psychological horror, but I do not do gore or torture porn.

Favorite Animated Movie

Ooh, hard to pick just one. Probably Minions. Yes, I know. Shut up.

Worst Movie You Have Seen in Theaters

Final Destination. The more bizarre the deaths got, the harder the audience laughed. I’ve not seen any of the sequels and have no desire to.

Most Recent Movie You’ve Watched

All the way through? Thor Ragnarok. I did try watching Wonder Woman, but I got bored and gave up around halfway.

Your Guilty Pleasure Movie

Mama Mia. I know it’s utter fluff, but it just makes me so happy.

The Movie You Have Watched The Most

Either Labyrinth or The Last Starfighter. I’m not sure which, but I’ve seen both into double figures.

Favorite Movie

Labyrinth. I wanted to be Sarah so badly, though I’d probably have given up Toby to be with Jareth. I also wanted that dress. *sigh*

Want to do this tag? Here are the prompts:

  1. Prefer to Watch Movies At Home or In Theaters?
  2. First Movie You Saw In Theaters
  3. Favorite Movie Genre
  4. Least Favorite Movie Genre
  5. Favorite Animated Movie
  6. Worst Movie You Have Seen in Theaters
  7. Most Recent Movie You’ve Watched
  8. Your Guilty Pleasure Movie
  9. The Movie You Have Watched The Most
  10. Favorite Movie

5 thoughts on “The Movies Tag

  1. This is such a cute tag!!! I love movies, and this is such a mix of current favorites, nostalgia, preferences, and more! I also love learning what movies and genres that people like, because sometimes it differs so much from mine. I think the first movie I remember seeing was Aladdin in theaters! I think I was pretty young, but I remember being very excited. And E.T., good movie that it is, is pretty terrifying to see as a child!

    Emily |

  2. Loved this tag, I’ll probably do this one myself! My favourite movie genre is horror, especially sci-fi horror like Alien. The first movie I saw at the cinema was The Lion King.

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