Stationery Shop Saturday

I love a good stationery shop! Unfortunately, there are few good physical shops around where I live. There’s Typo at the Trafford Centre and Ryman’s in Bolton… and that’s about it. Online though? That’s thankfully very different.

I prefer to shop small; hunting down indie makers who are often SAHMs. Been there, doing that, wanna share the love. So these are the places I spend when I can.

Oops A Daisy

If you’re like me and have little artistic talent, then Oops A Daisy‘s stencils are great. They cover everything from daily planning layouts to specific themes such as Harry Potter and Games Of Thrones. The website also has accessories and paper for sale. I currently have a stencil folder and subscription box on order.

Stick With It

This is a tiny, one-woman business that’s a danger to my bank balance. Its owner – Samantha – has the sort of stamp collection to make addicts weep. She prints them on to sticker paper, colours them in, cuts them out, and I can’t get enough, quite frankly. Her shop is on Facebook and you will get addicted.


I’ve a few sellers that I buy from on Etsy. OhhRainbow leans towards Kikki K / Erin Condren style planners, but her little affirmation stickers were too shiny to resist – I love a bot of foil. StickersForKeepers has a range of sticker pages covering several themes. I bought their mermaid stickers for May and they’re so cute! RedLyrics is another shop more aimed at Erin Condren planners. If you use a binder rather than a notebook, her dashboard/dividers are to die for. (Please note this seller is in the US – everyone else is UK-based.)

Perfectly Planned

I have to give a shout-out to the makers of my bujo. The way these notebooks are packaged and the quality of the paper are so luxurious you might feel a little naughty at the price. They’re a steal! They have, however, made me something of a paper snob and I tend to sniff at lower gsm grades. I am trying my best to get over that, though.

Go Stationery

Yes, I am an ambassador for Go Stationery, but I’d not have signed up if I didn’t completely love their stuff. Everything is so damn pretty! Don’t forget that you can get 35% off until the end of May with my code GOGLAM109.

I could go on and on. And on. There are so many cute little shops online that the internet is a wee bit dangerous for us stationery addicts. Etsy itself is a massive rabbit hole you’re unlikely to crawl out of without at least bookmarking half a dozen things. Then there’s places like The Works and The Range. Even Poundland has washi tape (which I need to stop buying, LOL.)

I make no apologies to your bank balance for this post. 😀

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