Oops A Daisy Giveaway Unboxing

I’ve had my eye on Oops A Daisy‘s stencils for a while but due to finances hadn’t gotten around to ordering any. Winning the giveaway* has given me chance to assess what I’d get for my money.

Opening the Box

First thing I have to mention is how nicely everything is packed! The box fits through your letterbox, so there’s no worries about missing the delivery, then you open it up to find lovely tissue paper and a thank you note. Then there’s a sheet listing the box’s contents.


The item I was most excited by was the stencils. These are made from flexible plastic and seem to be really well made. The edges are clean and precise. And I love the bright colours! My only slight quibble is they’d be better being transparent rather than opaque, but I don’t know how possible this is. I can live with them as they are.

As the list says, the banners I received are Banners, House and Tidying, which is perfect as I’m about to embark on a big house clean! I also got housework icon stickers, though I failed to take a photo of these.

Sticker Storage!

I was also thrilled by the sticker storage bag! Sad, maybe, but my collection is out of hand and it’s great to have somewhere safe to keep them. Especially as it seems I’ve mislaid some. The bag is punched and will fit an A5 folder. Oops A Daisy has their own and you can also order the stencils punched for uber organisation!

The sticker bag came filled with some washi tape, pompom paperclips and ‘write the date’ stickers. The latter obviously stayed in and were quickly joined my several other stickers!



I also got these planning pages. I initially thought they were stickers, but they aren’t. I have a light box, which means I can trace them and that means I can use them more than once. A positive for me, but YWMV. To be honest, I might not use these as they are, but they’re a good foundation.


Another thing I failed to photograph. Ugh. Anyway, the brush pen kit includes the pen and a pad. This is lined for practising your brushwork and has sets of three lines; two solid for your strokes and then a third fainter one for the loops in a, o, p and so on (this is hard to describe, so I really should have take a photo!)

Overall Thoughts

An Oops A Daisy box costs £22 for a one-off purchase, including p&p, and given what I got is definitely worth it.

Better value is their Love Daisy Club which sends out a box every quarter and costs £20 every three months. Each Club box comes with an exclusive gift and you’ll gain access their members’ only section on the website. This is something I’ll be looking at soon!


* I won the giveaway on my Misassortments Twitter account. The link to Oops A Daisy is non-affiliate and I will not be compensated for this review.

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