#NationalStationeryWeek – I Love Lists!

The thing with running a house and raising five kids (yes, five, go ahead and make the obvious jokes) is remembering stuff. So I make lists. Even before my bujo days, I had bits of paper that I tracked finances and meals, and wrote down shopping lists.

Though I felt organised, I really wasn’t. I’d lose those bits of paper and end up forgetting things. That’s one reason I’ve taken to bujo so much – having everything in one place not only means I don’t mislay information, but also means I can cross reference it.

The last few days of April, before the pen

In my bujo, I list meals, appointments, housework, birthdays and anniversaries. I track books read and shows watched. I have several spreads for our trip to Birmingham in September. In fact, I love the bullet journal system so much that I’m using to to create a notebook especially for my novel writing!

So, yes I love lists! And I love how bullet journaling helps me keep (more or less) organised!

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