March Spreads

For my March bujo spreads, I opted to go for Spring flowers – tulips and daffodils – as Spring is my favourite season and I love seeing these flowers poke up. Daffodils are the happiest flowers and always make me smile. 🙂

Above is my header page, with an entry for the #journalingyourway challenge set by @myartsyplans across the way. My artwork isn’t fabulous, but I enjoy drawing, no matter how naff the outcome is! My header page is the third Dutch door I’ve done. I like using these as dividers, though I think I might change it up next month.

The next spread echoes the tulips and then I have my writing tracker. The photo was taken at the start of the month but it still looks exactly the same. Ah well. Over the right is my #CraftBlogClub page. This Twitter chat takes place Tuesdays at 8pm (GMT) and is an hour of relaxed fun. I love it.

Next are four full spreads are for my weeklies. Yes, I do run my weeks Friday – Thursday! This is because I get paid on Fridays and it’s easier for me to plan ahead on that day. Each to their own, right?

March ends on Sunday (today!) so I have a page for those three days, then a quote page opposite. I’d decided about halfway through the month that I wanted more artwork in my bujo, so went for this motivational page (cos goodness knows I need the positivity!) surrounded by flowers and with some of my washi tape.

So that’s March wrapped up. I can’t believe how this year is racing by!

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