Lucifer Season 4 Review

This post assumes a familiarity with Lucifer and contains spoilers for the current series.

Season 3 of Lucifer left us with Pierce/Cain dead, Lucifer’s Devil Face returned, and Chloe having seen it. S4 opens several weeks later, with Chloe on an extended vacation and Lucifer repeatedly singing Creep as he tries to come to terms with her absence. Elsewhere in the precinct, Dan and Ella are grieving Charlotte, and Maze is off bounty hunting.

Episode one – “Everything’s Okay” – deals with both pain and denial, setting a darker tone than was seen when the show was over on Amazon. It’s clear that, despite the episode title, everything is not okay. Not one little bit. Yet, the show’s humour remains, as does its cheekiness – the producers promised more nudity and it wasn’t long before Tom Ellis’s naked butt was on screen. Not that I’m complaining, mind. 😀

“Everything’s Okay.” Clearly…

Chloe’s not-okay-ness is revealed through “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno” and “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father” (eps 2 and 3) where we learn she went to the Vatican for research and was effectively preyed on by Father Kinley. He tells her of a prophecy and tries to get her to poison Lucifer to ensure his return to hell, yet she can’t do it – partly because she think he’s changed and partly because she’s in love with him, though it takes her until almost the end of the season to admit this.

I was unsure about the addition of Eve – I’m not a fan of love triangles – but she was so sweet, it was hard to hate her. And, to be honest, it’s not like Lucifer’s kept himself pure for the detective. I had figured out that the prophecy had a twist to it, but it wasn’t until she was left alone with Kinley that I realised how that was going to look.

“All About Eve”

While the writing of Lucifer has always been good, the 10 episode format really honed it to perfection. Every episode shines, with the fabulous performances from the cast as a whole, and Tom in particular. His fear and pain at the end of “Devil Is as Devil Does” when he shows his devil wings to Linda feels incredibly real and wrenches at the heart. The earlier fight between him and Chloe made me sob, though not as much as the ending.

I have to thank the team profoundly for “Save Lucifer.” I just love the fact they titled an episode after the hashtag, and how good an episode that was. In hindsight, it’s obvious how far Chloe’s come as she doesn’t back off when he’s in full Devil mode, and even manages to look at him. She didn’t give up on him even at that point and managed to get him to realise something vital about himself.

In short, season 4 was a killer. Superbly written and acted, it swept me up and didn’t let go until I was done (though I dragged my heels over watching the last episode as I didn’t want it to be over.) The grapevine reckons the next episode is figured out. All we need is for Netflix to give us season 5. It is, after all, what we truly desire.

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