Fixing BuJo Bloopers

When I started my bullet journal in January, my biggest fear was “What if I make a mistake?” I know others suffer the same fear, so I’m going to share how I got over that, and how to fix your bujo bloopers.

Beating perfectionism

My introduction to bullet journaling came when I was planning for Cal Mah. I needed to keep a note of our hotel arrangements, travel and, obviously, the convention tickets. I grabbed a lined notebook that I’d bought as a two book set for £1 so long ago that I can’t remember where I got it from. As it basically cost me 50p, I found that I wasn’t so worried about messing up. The fact I was planning for a trip also helped – how pretty it looked didn’t matter as much as having the information I needed written down.

If you’re having trouble getting over yourself, then try the following:

  • buy a dirt-cheap notebook and plan your bujo pages in that – you can also practise your lettering and layouts with less pressure on making it perfect
  • get a good-quality HB pencil and an eraser. Yes there are pretty pages on Instagram, but almost every person has sketched it in first, and we don’t get to see them rubbing out!
  • invest in washi tape and stickers (more on this later)

Correcting Mistakes

Teeny mistakes – I’m really bad for omitting i’s and turning l’s into t’s. Correcting teeny errors like this is easy – adding a dot where the i should be fools your brain into thinking it’s really there. For erroneous marks, use a correction pen or white gel pen.

Misspelled words – again a correction pen (or tape) is your friend. Or cross it out and rewrite. I promise you that the world won’t end.

Larger mistakes – say you’ve misspelled a page header like I did my Netflix page (see further down), and it’s annoying you. If your journal has thick pages you can get away with colouring over the header with a felt tip and then rewriting the header with a darker pen. (If you’ve blocked it out in black, your white gel pen will come in handy.)

Other solutions include using washi tape for an impromptu border that just happens to cover up the blooper, or using stickers instead. When I was writing my future log I made the mistake of not pen testing first, leaving me with ugly bleeds on the following page. I bought month stickers and plonked them over and problem solved!

But what if it’s an entire page?

I set up a page of trackers that I completely failed to use. Not a mistake as such, but I’d a page that was no longer useful and it bugged me. When it comes to correcting an issue of this size, there are several options:

Create a feature page using photos, ticket stubs and so on. This works great when the page is in a month where you’ve something you want to remember.

Make a quote page. Use scrapbook paper over the top, then write a favourite quote over the top. Or print one out and stick it over the top.

Fake bujo page. Similar to the above, lift a page from the centre of a page cluster (there’s probably a proper name for this) and stick it on. You can then recreate your original page without the error.

Cut the page out. Drastic? Maybe. But if nothing else works and the page is bothering you to the point you’re not journaling, then you’re best taking it out and forgetting about it.

Loosen the f up!

As I mentioned further up, I made an error on my Netflix tracker page. I missed out the L, turning my title into “NETFIX & CHILL.” At first, I felt irritation, but then I realised that watching shows is my fix, so it fitted and I found it funny.

In short, one missing letter didn’t stop the tracker being useful. There are bigger things to worry about in life than a journaling mistake. Correct where you can, but learn to relax and find the funny side of fluffs. Even make them really obvious! Turn it into a feature and laugh at yourself.

We all make mistakes – even those “perfect” Instagrammers – so accept that you can’t avoid doing it and embrace your imperfections!

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