#FandomFriday – Stargate Universe

What Is It?

The second spin-off of Stargate SG1, Universe follows a group of military and civilian personnel who end up on an Ancient spaceship after evacuating their attacked base. The ship – Destiny – predates the team’s knowledge and is as much as a mystery as the region of space she flies. The team have to survive the ship, the dangers of space, and find their way back to Earth.

Why I Love It

Stargate Universe is a very different series to SG1 and Atlantis. It’s much darker in tone, similar to the Battlestar Galactica reboot, and though there is a sense of humour, this too is darker. However, in Universe Stargate fans finally had a space show that involved space far more than the previous series, and it’s this that I loved.

Favourite Character

I’m torn between Doctor Nicholas Rush, played by the fabulous Robert Carlyle, and Eli Wallace, played by David Blue. Rush is very much the antihero of Universe, and viewers are never quite sure of his motives. He’s a tortured character, having lost his beloved wife to cancer. He tends to see the failing Destiny as an opportunity to explore rather than something to escape.

Robert Carlyle as Nicholas Rush

Eli on the other hand is the comic relief, though he is easily as brilliant as Rush. The two develop an odd friendship and Eli is probably the closest person to Rush. Eli is sweet and quite innocent, and is often used as the viewers’ “eyes” into the universe.

David Blue as Eli Wallace

Sci Fi Connections

Like Atlantis, Universe sees cameos from the original SG1 cast, with Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill), Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter) and Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson ) appearing in the opening two-parter as well as the odd episode. David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) and

Robert Carlyle (Rush) has been in several shows, including Once Upon A Time where he played Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold. He’s also been cast as Ogilvy in the BBC’s new adaption of The War of the Worlds.

Should You Watch It?

If you like the Battlestar Galactica and Lost in Space reboots, then Stargate Universe is the sci fi for you. It is better watched streaming or DVD, as the original aired episodes were lightened in post-production. This makes the earlier episodes much easy to watch. Do be aware that the series was cancelled after two seasons and the last episode, while having an end, is the saddest thing ever.

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