#FandomFriday – Stargate SG1

What Is It?

Stargate SG1 is an American sci fi show that picks up a year after the Stargate movie. If you didn’t see that, then lucky you the general gist is that portals called Stargate connect to each other via wormholes, making space travel almost instantaneous. SG1 refers, quite simply to Stargate team 1 – made up of Colonel Jack O’Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, civilian archaeologist Daniel Jackson, and an alien called Teal’c. The show lasted 10 seasons and saw two spin-off series, which I’m going to cover in later #Fandom Fridays.

Why I Love It

It’s a lot of fun, but with sound science behind the theories. It also wasn’t afraid to tackle big issues with sexism and racism. I love how SG1 all have their own strengths which they bring to the team, but also allows individual moments to shine. And sure, a lot of the civilisations were very human (though they came up with an excuse for this) and a lot of the alien planets looked like – (which they didn’t) but over all SG1 is a great, space adventuring lark. Though not without consequences…

Favourite Character

Seasons 1 through 8 had a main enemy species called the Goa’uld. They are human in origin, but have an alien living inside their brains. This symbiote usually controls them utterly. S5 introduced a whole batch of Goa’uld, led by Baal. From the second he was introduced with the caveat of Daniel not accepting gifts as they had “a habit of exploding, especially when he feels he has been slighted” I was aboard. Plus, played by South African actor Cliff Simon, he was blooming gorgeous. He played Baal very differently, and that stood out.

Cliff Simon as Baal in Stargate: Continuum

I wasn’t the only one who noticed. Fans called for him to return again and again. He is very much the antagonist in ‘Abyss’, where he tortures O’Neill to death only to resurrect him repeatedly. Yet, he also works with Sam to defeat an AI threat, and the team as a whole – sort of – in ‘The Quest’. He also has the best lines.

Sci Fi Connections

Seasons 9 and 10 saw the addition of Ben Browder and Claudia Black from Farscape. Michael Shanks reprised his role as Daniel Jackson in both Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, and had a role in Smallville. Amanda Tapping also starred in Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, as well as Sanctuary, Killjoys, Supernatural, and Travelers. She also directs a lot of sci fi shows!

Browder, Black, Tapping and Shanks joined Chris Judge in movies Stargate: The Ark of Truth – which also saw Richard Dean Anderson return as O’Neill – and Stargate: Continuum, which had Cliff Simon reprising his role as Baal. Cliff also has roles in Project Eden and Personal Space. Fellow Goa’uld actor Anna-Louise Plowman appears in Doctor Who episode ‘Dalek’ while Ben Browder stars in ‘A Town Called Mercy.’

There are undoubtedly more, but for brevity’s sake, I’ll leave it at that!

Should You Watch It?

If you like sci fi adventures, morally grey characters, a team that gels as the series develops and who grows as individuals, then you absolutely should. It has Serious Science but never takes itself too seriously.

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  1. Stargate SG1 is one of my favourite shows! I love to watch and rewatch it. My favourite character has always been Teal’c and the Goa’uld were my favourite antagonists. I’ve recently started watching Atlantis too, although I don’t enjoy it as much as SG1, I love the cameos from the cast members.

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