Star Trek Discovery Review – 2.12 Through The Valley Of Shadows

“Through The Valley Of Shadows” is an odd episode. Decisions are made for no obvious reason, which is frustrating, but the payout is so massive it’s hard not to forgive it. Or be blown away.

The plot centres on the Discovery vs Control battle (Starfleet is, apparently, involved but there’s no indication of this other than Pike mentioning it) and there’s some discourse between Pike and Michael about how to proceed. Pike is fixated on the signals and wants to track them, whereas Michael is – rightly, imo – sick of them chasing their tails. When intel comes in of a Section 31 ship missing its check in, she asks for permission to check it out. Spock joins her for no discernible reason.

It struck me as very odd that Michael, having witnessed Control… ah, controlling Leland would be so accepting of _ story about surviving the crew dump. EVA suits take time to get into and he just happened to have it? Yeah, no. Him turning out to be possessed by Control was no shock whatsoever.

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