Star Trek Discovery Review – 2.14 Such Sweet Sorrow Pt 2

PEW PEW PEW! I love a good space battle and Discovery’s season closer had a doozy. Yes, the writers are still working on the idea of space having an up and down, but do you know what? I don’t care. Not enough to dislike this glorious episode, at any rate.

Actually, I’m more annoyed by the resurgence of Michael’s martyr complex. Can we please not? I hate being negative about a female character, especially one of colour, but she remains irritatingly determined to throw herself into danger for the good of humanity with no thought for her own.

But anyway, space battle. Quite where Leland found his armada isn’t explained but what the heck. There’s too much to love about this episode. Po figuring out how best to destroy the drones. The genuine suspense of who would survive and who wouldn’t (RIP Admiral Katrina Cornwell *sob*) Georgio kicking Leland’s butt.

And in the midst of all the chaos is Michael and the angel suit. Ignoring the whole wake thing (a little science in our sci fi wouldn’t be terrible) I did like the realisation that she set the signals, even if that was very Bad Wolf. Maybe because it was. It felt nicely circular, although one then had to wonder what her mother’s part was. I think it was overwritten? I’m not entirely sure.

I have to talk about Pike. Anson Mount took a character who was well-known, yet little more than a footnote in Trek canon, and gave him life. Breadth and depth, and dear goodness I am going to miss him. That last scene, him in the captain’s chair with the Enterprise rebuilt, and “Hit it.” I kind of wanted them to pipe in ‘She Caught the Katy’ Blues Brothers style. I mean, the Enterprise did have a full tank of gas and it was dark out. Pike just needed half a pack of cigarettes and a pair of sunglasses.

The reporting scene was a nice touch, too. Choosing to state the Discovery was destroyed is a bold move, and a huge burden. It reminded me of Stargate SG-1’s Unending and Teal’c being the only one to remember what had happened. To live a lifetime with never speaking of something so massive, not mentioning people they loved…. Some fans called it a cop-out but it really isn’t.

And so Discovery has sailed off into the future. Now we’ve truly passed the final frontier, I’m really excited about what adventures and, ah, discoveries, the crew is going to make.

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