Cal Mah 2 Con Report

This past weekend (6-8 Sept) saw the second Cal Mah Stargate Convention, held this time in Telford UK. The guest list was delightfully female-heavy, with the Guest of Honour being Suanne Braun, who played Hathor. She was joined by Kate “Jeannie Miller” Hewlett, Jacqueline “Nirrti” Samuda, Vanessa “Anise” Angel, and Musetta “Shan’auc” Vander.

The boys of Stargate were not left out though! We had Peter “Apophis” Williams joining returning guests Cliff “Baal” Simon and Alexis “Skaara” Cruz. If you’re curious, I also have a blog post about the initial convention which took place last November.

Friday Night

The event kicked off on Friday night with a tribute to Carmen Argenziano, who played Jacob Carter (Sam’s dad) and who sadly died a few weeks before the convention. Cliff led the tributes, followed by showings of The Tok’ra Parts 1 and 2 during the buffet meal. H and I were sat at Jaqueline’s table, but the music was a little loud for conversation. Cliff did pop over to say hi, however.

Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter/Selmak
Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter/Selmak

As our journey to Telford hadn’t been easy, H and I retired early, though the less said about the room mix up, the better.


Both Saturday and Sunday ran the same itinerary, with photoshoots taking place in the morning and guest talks in the afternoon. I got shots with Cliff (duh), Peter, Alexis

Of course things ran late, but the four Goa’uld eventually took stage and oh my God, it was so funny. They started off with some very bad (and one rather rude) jokes, then there was a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for Cliff.

Following the foursome was Kate, who opened her talk by Facetiming her brother David (Rodney McKay.) Again, we had to cut the festivities short, and we had a rest before going down to dinner.

After a quick costume change, we then attended the “Be Proud” party, where Kate sung us some songs. Her last was a parody of Solitary Man, with the words changed to Stargate lyrics. You can’t have a con without some con dances. It’sĀ  been a few years since I danced to Doctoring the TARDIS and Star Trekkin’ so I chickened out and stayed in my seat. There are rumours of classes of sorts for Cal Mah 3 (more on this at the end of my report) which actually sounds pretty fun.


I realised our con passes included a group photo shoot, so after counting tickets umpteen times, I figured I could get that autographed and have a few left over. We could a duo shot with Cliff, which was the funniest thing as I’d picked up my needle-felted symbiote and this needed to feature in… Look, my husband has a filthy sense of humour matched by Cliff, who egged him on while I tried not to wet myself from laughing so hard. So NSFW.

I also got a photoshoot with Cliff and Peter, being the two main antagonists through the whole of SG1. The group shot took place on stage under the Stargate, and getting H’s wheelchair up was an interesting experience (the FCD team are taking notes from con goers and this issue has been raised.)

Cliff Simon, Misa Buckley, and Peter Williams at Cal Mah 2
Me with Cliff Simon and Peter Williams

The afternoon followed the same itinerary as Saturday, with the four Goa’uld leading the talks. This was easily the funniest talk I’ve ever attended. Cliff had celebrated his birthday with a meal alongside Peter, Suanne, and Jacqueline. Much alcohol was consumed and, when they returned to the hotel, they found Jacqueline’s borrowed wheelchair sitting alone in the corridor. In their drunken wisdom, they decided to “make” a horror movie and the clips they managed to get were hysterical. The best was where Cliff thought he could surf the chair down the corridor. Turned out that he couldn’t and I’ve not gotten bored of watching him fall on his butt yet.

Kate followed, but sadly she couldn’t raise David on the phone. She spoke about some of the projects she’s been involved in, including writing songs for theatre and film. She’s written a play called The Swearing Jar that she and her crew are trying to find funding for.

After Kate were Vanessa and Musetta. To be honest, I missed a large part of their talk as I was getting my group shot autographed. I finally remembered to ask Cliff one of the questions I’d been meaning to – whether there was news of Personal Space season 2 – though I forgot to ask about Project Eden. Next time I’m writing shit down.

Cliff Simon and Misa Buckley hug under foil balloons which read "CAL MAH"
Snuggles with Cliff after the event

I did get a couple of selfies and H had his wheelchair taken over. Then it was time to pack up and come home. Boo.

Cal Mah 3 takes places end of May 2020, and more details can be found here.


8 thoughts on “Cal Mah 2 Con Report

  1. I`ve never been to a convention, but it looks like such a fun experience. I`m a big fan of Supernatural, and sometimes watch their conventions on Youtube. Everyone seems to be having a wild time.

    1. They are crazy. I struggled with severe shyness for my first couple, but I had a close group of friends who helped me through and find confidence. I love going now.

  2. This looks like such a fun convention! I haven’t been to a Stargate event since Massive Events stopped their Chevron conventions, but I am hoping to go to this one next year.

    1. I was gutted when Chevron ended! But FCD are blinking brilliant and I can’t wait for Cal Mah 3. It’s going to be heavily Universe-based, which delights me no end as I loved that show.

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