Aron Eisenberg

Last night, FCD Events shared the news that Aron Eisenberg – best known as Star Trek DS9’s Nog – was at hospital in critical condition. The worst outcome was announced by Aron’s wife this morning.

It’s hard to write an obituary for someone I’ve never met, but Nog was one of my favourite characters on DS9. The alien going against its people’s wishes to join Starfleet wasn’t a new story – TNG had both Worf and Data – but Nog’s journey was the first played out onscreen. He knew the Ferengi had a bad reputation within the Federation and sought to prove they could be more than mercenary and mercurial. He was also determined to make more of himself than his father did (Rom was also a gifted engineer but never pursued a career.)

Aron Eisenberg as Nog

Under heavy prosthetics, Aron gave the young Ferengi heart and determination… and a little mischief. He was always fun to watch and I’d have loved to see him excel even further than he did.

Aron also guest-starred as a Kazon called Kar in Star Trek Voyager episode “Initiations”. He is survived by his wife Malissa and sons Nicholas and Christopher.

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